Difficulties with Ranges, Ovens and Stove Tops can wreak havoc on a household, as these are the central components used everyday to create meals for your family. Call the professionals at Dillon Appliance Repair when issues arise and they will be promptly.

Common Issues

  • Burner won't come on
    The easiest check is to swap it with a known working burner to determine if it is the coil, the receptacle or the switch
  • The burner stay on High
    This is usually a bad switch.
  • The indicator light stays on
    This is usually a bad switch.
  • The oven door is latched closed
    The self-clean latch may be misaligned or the touch pad or oven control is defective.
  • The oven won't self-clean
    A defective self-clean latch, or components related to the safety side of the self-cleaning function will prevent the oven from entering into self-clean mode.
  • The oven won't bake or broil
    On a gas oven, this can indicate a bad igniter or valve/solenoid, a non-functioning thermocouple, or the flame front not enveloping the thermocouple correctly. On an electric oven, the heating element has failed and is no longer functional.
  • The oven doesn't heat
    On a gas oven, if the door gasket is damaged, it will allow heat to escape and your oven will take much longer to come up to temperature. On an electric oven, the controller or a bad relay may be at fault.
  • Temperature fluctuations
    Bad or failing thermostats, temperature sensors, selector switches and calibration issues may be to blame.

Range, Oven, and Stove Top Parts

Dillon Appliance Repair can diagnose and replace any part on your Range, Oven or Stove Top.

  • Temperature sensors
  • Thermostats
  • Gaskets
  • Heating Elements (electric)
  • Igniters (gas)
  • Burners (gas)
  • Valves
  • Switches
  • Relays
  • Control boards
  • Dials
  • Self-cleaning latches
  • Thermocouples (gas)

Let the professionals at Dillon Appliance Repair diagnose and repair your Range, Oven or Stove Top issues.