Ice makers in your freezer provide the convenience of having a supply of ice on hand without the inconvenience of having to fill ice trays at you kitchen sink.

Freezer Ice Makers

These ice makers are found in your freezer compartment and provide a small amount of on demand ice for your family. The ice is either dispensed from your refrigerator's door or from the ice storage receptacle inside your freezer.

Ice Maker Problems

  • No ice
    Make sure your freezer temperature is set correctly, it must be between 0 - 5° F for the ice maker to perform correctly. Additionally, check to see the ice maker is in the operation setting. If the arm is moved beyond the indent, this turns the ice maker off as a safety feature.
  • Water is not flowing into the Ice Maker
    The inlet valve is usually to blame. When this valve malfunctions, there is no water supplied to the Ice Maker.
  • Ice cubes are malformed or small
    There is probably inadequate water pressure supplying your Ice Maker. This low pressure condition may be caused by a clogged water filter which is preventing proper water flow.
  • Ice cubes are too large
    If your cubes are oversized, a leaky or malfunctioning water inlet valve may be to blame.
  • Poor ice cube production
    If your refrigerator is in an excessively warm environment, ice production will decrease as it will take longer for your unit to produce a batch of ice.
  • No ice
    The inlet water temperature may be too high or your unit may have failed. If there is ice in the tray and your unit is not producing ice, the tray heater assembly, which slightly warms the cubes to enable them to be extracted, may be malfunctioning or have failed.

Ice Maker Parts

Dillon Appliance Repair professionals can replace any part on your ice maker and get it functioning again.

  • Themostats
  • Control Modules
  • Water inlet Valves
  • Ice Maker assemblies
  • Solenoids

If you are having difficulties with your ice maker, call the professionals at Dillon Appliance Repair to get your ice maker functioning again.