Common Washer/Dryer Problems Dillon Appliance Repair can solve

Traditionally washing machines are robust and their lifespans are limited only by mechanical failure or bacterial growth. Dillon Appliance Repair knows washers have the potential to do a great deal of damage when they're in need of repair. Flooded basement, soaked hallways and ruined laundry rooms could be the result of a washer with a serious problem. Dillon Appliance Repair technicians are trained in washer repair, and will keep your washer operating at its best.

Just about everyone knows how a washing machine works. Simply drop the dirty clothes in, close the lid or door, and turn it on - it's as simple as that. What they don't know is beneath the simplicity, is a complicated network of switches, belts, and timers, each critical to the functionality of your washer. Dillon Appliance Repair technicians know washing machines, and can diagnose and pinpoint the problems in all models, regardless of age.

Like any mechanical device, older units will tend to have more problems than a newer one. The motor, agitator, and timers within these complicated machines, all have to deal with the years of wear and tear. Dillon Appliance Repair technicians and customer service representatives will ask detailed questions about the problem and the washer's previous malfunctions, if any. Timer failure can lead to a washer that will either not work at all, or not fill, or rinse. A malfunctioning or burnt out switch can cause a washer to be useless, and can cause a homeowner a great deal of grief. All of these issues are minor in the big picture, and can be quickly diagnosed and repaired by the technicians at Dillon Appliance Repair.

Additionally, dryers can exhibit strange behaviors with simplistic cures. Dillon Appliance Repair technicians always start with the simplest solution. Dryer repair tends to be more complex than washer repair, but they face many of the same challenges. Washers must handle a great deal of water, dryers must handle high heat. The top complaint Dillon Appliance Repair faces is the lack of heat, the dryer is taking a long time to dry a load of laundry. While this is the most common problem with dryers, it is also very simple and economical to fix, having only a limited number of causes.

Common Kitchen Problems Dillon Appliance Repair can solve

Refrigerators are complex, high-performance machines. There are numerous compartments and at least two purposes (freezing and preserving food). Most homes use the refrigerator to store the majority of their food, and as such, a refrigerator breakdown is a sure cause for alarm. Dillon Appliance Repair technicians are uniquely qualified to deal with refrigerator repair. This makes us the best informed and most reliable source for assistance and guidance.

As always, a condition which seems to be a big problem to you may have be a simple fix for an Dillon Appliance Repair technician. For example, you may think your freezer is broken, but it may just be a result of opening the door too often, or putting a lot of warm food inside the freezer at once. A "sweating" refrigerator is a common issue for many and can be remedied by replacing a door seal. Dillon Appliance Repair would be happy to have a look at your refrigerator, to help keep it working at its best.

Keep the number of Dillon Appliance Repair close at hand, we'll be more than happy to assist you with your appliance maintenance or repair issues.