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When purchasing a new home, most people refer to the expertise of real estate agents; specialized professionals that have been and will be selling homes for years. Likewise, if your appendix ruptured, you'd rush to a surgeon, not a dentist. Why accept less expertise when your refrigerator gives up the ghost? Stop and think about it.

Don't go to the big box retailers, they specialize in tools, or stereo equipment. You're likely to be helped by someone who is not current in their knowledge of appliances, and can only give you the information they see on the price tag. If you really want help, come to the experts.

Dillon Appliance Repair has been serving the greater Richmond area for over 20 years, it's what we know and what we love.

We are locally owned and operated, fully licensed and insured, and have been in the appliance business for many years. It's our business to know. Get exceptional service for the lifetime of your appliances.

Discover what exceptional service and knowledge means. We look forward to meeting you.